Friday, April 10, 2009

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if you're single and looking out
you must raise your prayer to a shout

Taking my own advice to Sirena, I will try to link to some version of the songs I quote. From now on.

I dreamed of Little Dude (former roommate's cat). He was soft, and sweet, and laid himself out like a squirrel skin to be furminatored. Sorry, I should have put this in the dreams journal, per regulation.

I'm going to see the hypnotist in a few minutes, and have no idea what to ask him for. I keep thinking of awesome things to ask for, like a day at the spa, but then I remember--he's not Santa Claus. I made the appointment a few weeks ago when my brain was broken. But now...well, I broke it the opposite way, and that seems to have solved problems.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in your hypnotist appointments. Do you know what you'll ask for yet?