Sunday, April 05, 2009

Oh how long it will take
Till she sees the mistake
She has made?

Listening to some old-school Beatles. It's amazing how many covers they did at the beginning, considering what amazing songwriters they were.

Saw Adventureland last night, and also took a shower AND a bath. And washed all my clothes and sheets and towels. Feel better now. Kitchen is only slightly messy, too, so I feel like my life is in order. I even read the chapter I was supposed to have read for a presentation meeting tonight, though I didn't take notes or do the powerpoint slides I have to get done. I figure that's what today is for (after my date).

  • "Baby's in Black," the Beatles.


Jamie said...

good luck! bat yo' eyelashes!

Carrie said...

date went well. eyes were complimented.