Thursday, August 31, 2006

culver city, you weasel!!

how hard should it be to pay a parking ticket off? not this hard, i tell you. besides, since when are parking meters in use on a saturday?

i'm reading dead famous, and hating it just as much as an actual reality show.

today i worked for 10.5 hours! then i did useful things after that like got my mail forwarded, and got the credit bureaus to stop sending my name to EVERYONE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. it was a Useful Day. i also watched the daily show, ate a wholesome dinner (topped with two wholesome peaches for desert), addressed a wedding rsvp and a postcard, read for an hour, paid off a poker debt (jazzkat, you turkey!!) and worked out for 30 minutes. how is that possible? how rad would it be if every day was like this? i don't even feel overwhelmed. and it's only just midnight.

today as i passed the pet store, though it was already dark, my heart got fluttery. my petshop boy crush has been renewed since buying cat food sunday. all the better, as my minicrush at work has gone away. where would i be without a crush? where would all that energy go? i might possibly be president by now. and good god, i know i don't want that.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it's not a storm.... it's a fair!

I had approximately 2 weeks that were defined by severe sleep deprivation. In House, when the girl had insomnia, it turned out she had the plague. So, I have that going for me.

This weekend, J (from work) took me to the fair! Well, we just passed by a fair out in the country, and she stopped. We got in free, and we rode the ferris wheel. I took many pictures with my phone. It was just like Carnivale! Except the ferris wheel didn't fall apart in a deadly and bloody accident (not to give anything away). Also like Carnivale was the next night, when I got someone from work to (further) cut my hair. I found scissors, and asked her if she knew Sophie from Carnivale. She unexpectedly said yes, and then gave me the exact haircut I wanted. It could stand to be cleaned up a little bit, but I like it. All this haircutting has had the insurance behind it that a hairdresser has moved here from New Orleans and I plan to patronize her soon; in the meantime, I can mess around.

I don't know why I can't stop thinking about Carnivale. I thought about it all weekend. Despite all this thinking, I can't arrive at a definite opinion about it. Talking to J (not from work) last night, I worked out that it's only the magic stuff I'm ambivalent about. I felt gypped because I potentially would have liked that element a lot, but they didn't have enough, and what they did have was kind of unoriginal. Like they were using the genre itself in place of plot.

At home, my fridge is stuffed with farm-products. Someone sent me a Peta site (one of the scary ones about factory farming), and while I've seen it all before, one thing really grossed me out: about the amount of pus in milk. Ugh!!

I keep having severe deja vu over the last weeks. Which points to it being a short-term memory misfire, induced by lack of sleep. I just now had deja vu again, so maybe I'm not quite recovered with sleep, but I did get almost 7 hours last night, which is my nightly goal.

I've been setting up a picture account, and I've put some pictures from Argentina up. There aren't actually that many, but just as a teaser, here is one:

This is in the company's office building in Buenos Aires.

In the Matrix, a "dejavu" happened when they changed something in the system. But as a friend of mine once said, you have the ENTIRE EARTH as your computer.... get some freaking RAM!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

such people in it

You know when you’ve been so sick to your stomach, that you develop an odd palsy in your hands? Do I even need to bother saying after sentences like that that I was like that for about 48 hours? But I did get Brave New World finished somehow. It was pretty good! And here are some choice quotes from book club (I can’t remember in all cases who said what, so they’re going to be brought to you by the first five letters of the alphabet):

A: The problem I had with John [the Savage] is he needed to grow some damn balls!
B: He shot a damn helicopter with a bow and arrow!
C: Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

A: So, I just couldn’t decide if it was good or bad
E: Wait, you mean whether that society was good or bad?
A: Yeah, cause it had some really good qualities, you know?
E: What??? You guys are CRAZY!! You’re CRAZY!
D: I don’t know. Compared to like 1984, where they killed people who were different, and didn’t have sex and drugs all the time…. I choose the future with the sex and drugs.
C: Yeah, they had sex, drugs, helicopters
B: Ooh, I forgot about the helicopters. Those are pretty dang sweet.
C: Yeah, it's like in the future, everyone's George Clooney.
E: You guys are CRAZY!
[long silence]
E: Come on, next topic. I can call you guys crazy about other stuff, too.

A: The problem I had with Linda is she needed to grow some damn balls!
E: Come on, if you were suddenly transported away from D [her husband] to a land where you HAD to have sex with a different guy every night as the moral imperative, you’re saying you wouldn’t have a serious problem with that?
D: [covers face with hands]

I {heart} the thirties!

Desperately want my hair to look like either

Sophie from Carnivale

or like Natty Gann

or Sonora from Wild Hearts Can't be Broken.

Depression-era haircuts are inspiring. Cut off 6 inches of my own hair with the kitchen scissors. Died it dark. Will hold off till plan is more thought out. But will upload these two pictures, of my 1930s boyfriends, for future inspiration.

Does anyone know what Tom Joad's hat in that picture is called? I kept googling random hat names, hoping I'd click on a link, and next to the "Fedora" or "Bowler" would magically appear the "Tom Joad" hat. It's kind of like a newsies hat. Spitfire? Gatsby? These come close in what I've found, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the hat search paid off in another way when under "Casual Men's Hats" on one site, they listed "British Pith Helmet":
Good for kicking around the house on a weekend. You know. Casual.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i was oncccce human. my name was larrrry.

I would make fun of my brother for getting addicted to Facebook a few days ago (I mean, more than I already have), but ever since Jamie sent me a link to Fugly Celebrity*, I've had a shameful addiction of catching up on the past few years of horrible celebrity fashion. I was especially fascinated with all their tagged updates on Brittney Spears, and on that Peldon girl. I had a nightmare about Peldons last night. I really have to be more careful about what I spend my last waking moments doing.

Update on the tire(d) situation: it seems two other people I know got flat tires Sunday, too! Tuesday I marched into a tire yard after work and pronounced "I need a new tire!" The three guys there looked at me and said "A used tire?" when I noticed all the signs that said "A-One's Used Tires! We have used tires!" so I played it cool and said "Yes!" but inside I wondered how used these tires were, and what they had been used for, and if this was a good idea. They had constructed a shanty of ripply tin and popsickle sticks for customers to wait under. I watched the Simpsons on a small staticy TV as the guy fixed my car two feet away from me. The best part of all was the stand for the tiny TV was a much larger TV, propped up by tire rims. I took a picture with my phone.

Which reminds me, I would normally direct you to my camera phone uploads at right, but there seems to be something wrong with the side bar (it's down below), but I can't be bothered to figure out when or why that happened. So let me direct you to my camera phone uploads, link below right.

*Significant because Carrie Underwood seems to be doing the Jubilation T Cornpone dance from L'il Abner. Which, now that I see this picture, is also somewhat remniscient of Borat doing aerobics in one episode of Ali G.

No, I'm just kidding, I was never human

Monday, August 14, 2006

did you see what god just did to us?

i don't think flat is the word for what happened to my tired yesterday. you know how you see those shredded tires by the side of the road every so often? it's very exciting when that happens to you. The pavement was hot as we looked for a place to put the jack. The jack was ~%75 rust, making the tire change almost as thrilling as the initial incident.

I've written and erased 5 separate paragraphs. I believe all I wanted to talk about was the tire.

I'm a path of cinders
Burning under your feet

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

something to blog about

instead of getting all worked up about global warming as i spend these 100 degree days in my car/mobile oven, i'm going to treat each degree over 99 as a personal challenge from god. i hate hot weather, but.... bring it on, big man. i need to get like a ladies fan or something.

Anyway, I'm going to be truly blogger style because I have found things on the Internet that are too wonderful not to share! The first I'll start with a story. In Albuquerque last weekend, I introduced my friends to Wizard People, Dear Reader. They enjoyed it very much, and have already sent another copy to another friend for his birthday. For those uninformed, you can download it here, at It is an alternative soundtrack for the first Harry Potter movie, and, willikers!!! I love it.

So my second link was already snagged by Lady Jane, but it seems to be done by the same guy as Wizard People, and I also like it. Washington, Washington.

And since I've only recently discovered the wonder of YouTube, here are some other important finds, for the records:

  • David Hasselhoff's video for Hooked on a Feeling. Pay close attention. There is a LOT going on in this video. And none of it makes sense.
  • Tim Curry's clip from the Worst Witch, the video for "Anything can happen on Halloween." Has anyone seen my tamborine? Ditto for above comment. A LOT is going on.
  • And my second all-time favorite Cartoon Network bumper. Solomon Grundy wants pants, too!
    • Tuesday, August 01, 2006

      Sun is set, Sun is ris, and here we is, in texas yet.