Sunday, August 20, 2006

I {heart} the thirties!

Desperately want my hair to look like either

Sophie from Carnivale

or like Natty Gann

or Sonora from Wild Hearts Can't be Broken.

Depression-era haircuts are inspiring. Cut off 6 inches of my own hair with the kitchen scissors. Died it dark. Will hold off till plan is more thought out. But will upload these two pictures, of my 1930s boyfriends, for future inspiration.

Does anyone know what Tom Joad's hat in that picture is called? I kept googling random hat names, hoping I'd click on a link, and next to the "Fedora" or "Bowler" would magically appear the "Tom Joad" hat. It's kind of like a newsies hat. Spitfire? Gatsby? These come close in what I've found, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the hat search paid off in another way when under "Casual Men's Hats" on one site, they listed "British Pith Helmet":
Good for kicking around the house on a weekend. You know. Casual.


Katie said...

I know I prefer to wear my pith helmet with flannel pajama pants and slipper socks. It really sets off the lazing about the house ensemble.

TB said...

My freshman year in high school, my teachers let us watch Nattie Gann as a treat for good behavior, and I remember being mad that the treat seemed so serious and educational. But then it was good. And babyface John Cusack with his surprisingly husky voice!

Carrie said...

now i keep picturing john cusack in a pith helmet.