Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it's not a storm.... it's a fair!

I had approximately 2 weeks that were defined by severe sleep deprivation. In House, when the girl had insomnia, it turned out she had the plague. So, I have that going for me.

This weekend, J (from work) took me to the fair! Well, we just passed by a fair out in the country, and she stopped. We got in free, and we rode the ferris wheel. I took many pictures with my phone. It was just like Carnivale! Except the ferris wheel didn't fall apart in a deadly and bloody accident (not to give anything away). Also like Carnivale was the next night, when I got someone from work to (further) cut my hair. I found scissors, and asked her if she knew Sophie from Carnivale. She unexpectedly said yes, and then gave me the exact haircut I wanted. It could stand to be cleaned up a little bit, but I like it. All this haircutting has had the insurance behind it that a hairdresser has moved here from New Orleans and I plan to patronize her soon; in the meantime, I can mess around.

I don't know why I can't stop thinking about Carnivale. I thought about it all weekend. Despite all this thinking, I can't arrive at a definite opinion about it. Talking to J (not from work) last night, I worked out that it's only the magic stuff I'm ambivalent about. I felt gypped because I potentially would have liked that element a lot, but they didn't have enough, and what they did have was kind of unoriginal. Like they were using the genre itself in place of plot.

At home, my fridge is stuffed with farm-products. Someone sent me a Peta site (one of the scary ones about factory farming), and while I've seen it all before, one thing really grossed me out: about the amount of pus in milk. Ugh!!

I keep having severe deja vu over the last weeks. Which points to it being a short-term memory misfire, induced by lack of sleep. I just now had deja vu again, so maybe I'm not quite recovered with sleep, but I did get almost 7 hours last night, which is my nightly goal.

I've been setting up a picture account, and I've put some pictures from Argentina up. There aren't actually that many, but just as a teaser, here is one:

This is in the company's office building in Buenos Aires.

In the Matrix, a "dejavu" happened when they changed something in the system. But as a friend of mine once said, you have the ENTIRE EARTH as your computer.... get some freaking RAM!

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