Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We know what it is.

Making a press kit up for a certain Australian artist that I adore. I'm taking it to KUT-FM before I go to work. I feel very important. I'm actually looking forward to SXSW this year.

Sooo much has happened since K's departure, which I felt was impossible--I needed some serious downtime after all those activities.

Incidentally, I forgot to mention we saw Trouble the Water as soon as she landed, and I spent the whole movie sobbing after some point. It was really good. exciting thing that came up is trying to find "cool parties" for SXSW for this artist to go to. I'm calling in all my contacts, and hoping against hope that it works out, because then I would feel so pleased with myself. I also have two frienemies from high school coming into town. Well, it's more like I and one of them are frienemies with the third one. So I don't now how that'll go.

My internship turned contract work, thanks to my awesome boss. I even got a raise! Miraculous.
  • Carl (and sons)

Monday, January 18, 2010

I've done a ton of radio shows this week, along with forced a houseguest to undergo social activities every night for a few days. Hence, am tired.

I thought of actual interesting things to update, but now I can't think of them. But I thought I should update anyway because I haven't in a while.

I have a new foster dog, Tanner:
So cute!! And the cats ALMOST like him. They still swipe at him a little, but he's a very gentle dog, so I think it's going pretty well altogether.

Some of the activities undertaken since my return to Austin:
  • Karaoke at the Highball
    Decorating for the Matrix
    (see streamers behind? K-- and I re-created the Matrix, in streamer form!
  • Marathon of all the Matrix movies
  • Played with dog
    Masquerade party
    Who are those masked women?
  • Breakfast at Kerbey Lane after an all-night radio session

Saturday, January 02, 2010

favorite tracks for 2009?

I thought I should make one of those there lists, you know. But I know I'm going to leave out major ones, and I know it's not going to be the coolest list on the block. It's based on the tracks in my iTunes that are marked 2009, because I can't rely on my memory. And it's based on how much I listened to them, not how good I thought they were. And it's alphabetical. If anyone would like me to upload these to my website, let me know.

"Working Man's Blues" Aceyelone Ft. Bionik
"Boom" Anjulie
"Elegy" Balmorhea
"Blood Bank" Bon Iver
"Needles" Grand Salvo
"Notes on Leaving" Darren Hanlon
"Oh Paris!" Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele
"Dog Days are Over" Florence + the Machine
"Nobody Could Change Your Mind" The Generationals
"Love Like a Sunset pt. 1" Phoenix
"Cracks in the Canvas" PJ Harvey
"Human of the Year" Regina Spektor
"Flirted With You All My Life" Vic Chesnutt
"You and I" Wilco and Feist

Well. I've left out some great stuff, that is critically acclaimed, and that I did enjoy, but which I wasn't compelled to listen to on repeat in order to enjoy life to the fullest. I'm the worst college radio DJ ever. But at least I am honest. And at least some of these are cool and obscure.