Monday, April 28, 2008


I now know two people from Cleve-land. (I know weird, right? Or, does everyone know two Cleves, and I'm only just catching up?). Both of them have a story that starts:

"I had a pet crayfish..."

And there are so many things wrong right there. Or is it normal to have pet crawfish outside of Louisiana? Because in Louisiana, even we "moral" vegetarians manage to muster up the mechanisms* that allow us to tear into little crawfishies on occasion.

*mine is that most of them have lived a life of freedom, and that's more important than their gruesome, unthinkable ending.

I wish I could somehow express the hilarity of Ladybird on the catnip I just brought home from the garden center, but I cannot. Just trust that it is adorably funny.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

russian customer service

Ahahaha! I forgot I'd been here. Well, I forgot it was the biggest Makdonaldz in the world.


This is the best procrastination yet, because it gives me procrastination AND delicious bread.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

triple X girlfriend

I got a lot of books in the mail. Many were for school. One was Learning to Fly, the autobiography of Posh Spice. All were under $1, plus shipping.

Guess which one I started reading first!

I feel wonderfully zen about my grades this semester. I recognize for once that I am not going to "totally fail" any classes. And that is just fine because I don't have time to spend on any of them right now.

Yes, I am busy, but of course not busy enough not to hang out with Boy, and to watch Battlestar with Friends. Oh, I should say "hang out with Boy and Boy's Ex." It wasn't too awkward, but it was the kind of awkward that was like walking along a cliff edge--the moment you notice how high it is, that vertigo itself is what makes you in real danger of falling. Well, if I thought about how the evening was potentially awkward, it suddenly became so, and all I could think about was how different I was from the Ex, what their relationship was/is like, what she thought of me, what I thought of her as a person and how much that was informed by this slight rivalry which is "supposed" to be there. But it was all fine in the end. She likes Russian things, and after all that's not so bad.

Speaking of Boy, though, he is frightfully P (we're both INFP). My iTunes library is broken out into several volumes, including Depressing, Manic, Sad, Chill, Cheerful, Scary, Soothing, Lullabies, Cool, and Angry. My Angry volume is ridiculously under-resourced. And Boy said "Yeah, I noticed our CD collections were pretty much the same, except the only thing you had missing was all my angry music." Aww! Pushing aside what that says about anything, he's so clever!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my "stalker"

At least once a week, I get an email like the following (which is actually today's):

where is ma'am?
i am very warried.
this is i---, your slave.

This is an old man I met more than two years ago. I guess I am that irresistable, and everyone wants me to crush their junk with my stilettos, but still, this is getting out of hand. As far as stalkers go, it doesn't seem like he'd do ME any harm, though.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Now the cats can't complain...

...that I don't ever do anything for them. I put up a nice shelf along the top of the ceiling so they can jump up there from their tower. Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

aural fixation

Seriously....I know it's my brother and all, but his demo is from the land of ROCK!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm doing work but listening to online TV and movies in the background. I eventually realized I should only watch movies and TV I've already seen because I can't quite put all my attention to it. I could list the ENORMOUS amount of stuff I've watched since starting this project, but right now I'm watching Ghostbusters, which I hadn't seen in a while.

The main bad guy (besides the ghosts) is the EPA who's trying to shut down their containment unit. Granted, the EPA does a lot of dumbass stuff. But really, it WOULD be a criminal violation of a lot of things to have an unregulated nuclear reactor in the middle of Manhattan. It's one thing when they crossed the beams to defeat the Stay-Puf marshmallow man, but they had the nuclear stuff just for their status quo business operations, and that's irresponsible.

Also, speaking of the marshmallow man, when Xuul said that they themselves would choose the vehicle of their destruction, and (Egon I think?) said to keep their minds completely blank to avoid causing the apocolypse, but then Ray thought of the marshmallow man and they got mad at him...well, that was a poorly conceived plan. It takes monks their whole lifetime to truly empty their mind of thoughts--how long did they think four random dudes would be able to accomplish that? Also, thinking of absolute nothingness would be a pretty efficient way to destroy everything in existence. That's kind of what absolute nothingness is. This part never sat well with me, so I thought I'd get it off my chest.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

dating issues

a friend kind of set me up with someone. during the debriefing afterwards, she and i had this conversation:

me: yeah, he was really cute! but he seems so.... [darkly] nice.
friend: well.... [hopefully] you never know! maybe he's a real jerk!

got. to. get. over. issues. with. men.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Top 10 weird things about Super Mario

This is probably only hilarious if you, like me, played Mario Brothers 43 times in a row hoping each time that THIS quest the princess sent you on would somehow be different--not just beetles replacing turtles (and from then on, beetles replacing beetles). Hoping that this time Princess would let you settle down and have babies with her. Maybe the 44th quest would have done it. But after leaving my Nintendo on for a full week, I lost willpower. Until I decided to get the maximum number of points possible (broke every single brick for 50 points, left no enemy unvanquished) to see if the points counter would reset, or if it would add on an extra 1 when you reached a million (it adds the extra 1).