Saturday, April 26, 2008

triple X girlfriend

I got a lot of books in the mail. Many were for school. One was Learning to Fly, the autobiography of Posh Spice. All were under $1, plus shipping.

Guess which one I started reading first!

I feel wonderfully zen about my grades this semester. I recognize for once that I am not going to "totally fail" any classes. And that is just fine because I don't have time to spend on any of them right now.

Yes, I am busy, but of course not busy enough not to hang out with Boy, and to watch Battlestar with Friends. Oh, I should say "hang out with Boy and Boy's Ex." It wasn't too awkward, but it was the kind of awkward that was like walking along a cliff edge--the moment you notice how high it is, that vertigo itself is what makes you in real danger of falling. Well, if I thought about how the evening was potentially awkward, it suddenly became so, and all I could think about was how different I was from the Ex, what their relationship was/is like, what she thought of me, what I thought of her as a person and how much that was informed by this slight rivalry which is "supposed" to be there. But it was all fine in the end. She likes Russian things, and after all that's not so bad.

Speaking of Boy, though, he is frightfully P (we're both INFP). My iTunes library is broken out into several volumes, including Depressing, Manic, Sad, Chill, Cheerful, Scary, Soothing, Lullabies, Cool, and Angry. My Angry volume is ridiculously under-resourced. And Boy said "Yeah, I noticed our CD collections were pretty much the same, except the only thing you had missing was all my angry music." Aww! Pushing aside what that says about anything, he's so clever!

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