Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi! Remember me? I blog sometimes.

While I would rather travel all the way to Virginia to share all the YouTube videos with everyone, as I did last month, perhaps it's more efficient just to post them here.

Okay, maybe it's because the first time I saw this it was 4am, but I can't stop laughing after 2:14 of the Intermission in the Third Dimension:

Special thanks to Dr. Hoss.

But tonight I am going to the Alamo to see the "controversial" documentary about The Smiths, for $1, which makes it awesome already. Unless it's not awesome, like the Small Faces documentary.

Um... other news about my life. I didn't realize that picture from Taos was up here! Yep, me and Willie went skiing in Taos, for super cheap! And it was so much fun! We had a personal guide: Cabel, skiier extraordinaire (but also patient with those of us terrified of the bunny slopes at first). And I won big at poker, and Leigh got me addicted to Sex and the City. I'm almost caught up. Hmph. Twitterpated. So, that was New Mexico.

Before that was Michigan, where I got to see Katya! Hurray! But I lost my camera. Sad! But I visited the school and it was amazing and I liked lots of people there! Hurray! But I decided not to go. Sad! But I got my Super Nintendo! Hurray! But it's missing the cord. Sad! But the cords are cheap on Ebay! Hurray!

Now I've been in Austin three weekends in a row, and I feel like I'm getting so much stuff done, it's amazing! I have three jobs now, but at the same time I'm finally getting to all the home improvement projects I've had half-done, or half-conceived for the past few months. Its also helps that I'm only sleeping six hours a night lately for some reason. Last weekend I went to a goat farm out in the country and won a game of pool! But not at the goat farm that would be weird! Also, Saturday, I had a Pepsi and a Miller Lite (but not together that would be weird). Both come in a blue can, and neither were as good as I'd remembered.

And I asked someone: "Are the Cowboys and the Spurs the same team?" and they couldn't answer me. Apparently, this question is funny, even though cowboys own and use spurs.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hi from new mexico

Thursday, April 05, 2007

"we have a lot in common... like babies. you know, two babies next to each other are like: hey, i used to live in a lady, too! weird!"

MOLTAR! get out here and heat up my brain.

There she is, Bob! Brains.
Fracking Windows Vista won't let me upload a picture of my brain to complete that quote appropriately. But anyway, the MRI was normal.

In switching over my hard drive, I find this rather timely MS Paint rendering of the Easter Story: