Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why can't i bring myself to leave the house for new orleans?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'm on a boat!

Last night I went to a pirate party on Ladybird Lake. Many, many things happened last night. I could make about 5 moderately interesting blog posts if I so chose. But I will write about the most interesting, and the least personal thing, that happened. Somebody jumped from a bridge onto the boat, while I was talking to Drafthouse Henri and sitting right next to Harry Knowles! By the time we got to the top deck, the guy had been cleared to the side, but I still caught a glimpse of his broken leg (very, very broken, I can barely think about it much less write about it). And I will focus on the fact that for 30 second, Henri and I talked about how much Fox sucks for canceling the Buffy singalongs. All thanks to Shannon!

Later we went to a bar, and I met a girl who, I think, was named Snapps. I have her email in my pocket somewhere, and I'm pretty sure it is Snapps. That's normal.

Friday, May 15, 2009

my brother has composed a song entitled "lying-ass bitch." he studies music. in college.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There's this plaque of hundreds of names outside the stadium. I think it's donors, but I like to get all grave when I pass like it's people who died building it
Think I just heard Gillian Welch covering Radiohead. Day is complete before it even begins

to mz. lkw

My radio cohost was a delight these past few months, and we kept each other very entertained in the 4 or so shows we actually did together. I wish I could capture all my favorite moments, like how she gets mad at her "anger management" hypnosis CDs ("I am a tolerant person." "I do not blow up at people." "I am in control of my emotions." to which she replies "LIES! ALL LIES!"), the way she dances or shows me how her Facebook pet dances, the other ways she exhibits her anger management issues ("I got so mad at him--I had put two unicorn stickers on his mix CD, and when he was late, I tore one of them off!"), or the way she toned down her cursing while we were in the booth because we were both so paranoid about the mic being on ("What the heck is THIS crap?" followed still by a surrepticious look at the mixing board)....

Anyway, the point is, I will miss her very much, and midnight shifts will never be the same again. And DJ L, if you want me to take any of this down, just let me know.

my life is average

For when things are just OK. hilarious.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when good enough is the best you can

Stephen : The stairs lack risers!
Paul : What?
Stephen : The vertical part that makes the back of each stair is called a riser.
Paul : I know what they are!
Stephen : No, no, wait! Please. Sometimes when I go on stairs that don't have risers I get this feeling, this awful sensation, that's somethings going reach out and grab my ankle, like a claw or a tentacle!
Paul : This is life or death!
Stephen : It could be a hand! An ordinary hand!

Marathon sleep-day, with two papers due tomorrow. I can't get rid of the flies in my apartment. I think it started because I left some eggshells out, but now they just linger. I could quote from Pineapple Express for that one. (F*cking LINGERER, man!). I don't know if it's because the cat door is perpetually open or what, but it makes me feel like Moonbeam McSwine from Lil Abner (minus the wasp's waste). She was always followed by a swarm of flies.

  • From Dollhouse

weird dream. my best dreams are inspired by watching too much TV right before bed, and I'm pretty sure this one was somewhat inspired by Dollhouse, which I caught up with last night. I should have caught up with work, but I did not. I took the extra six hours I bought myself to watch TV. I can't wait for the summer, when I can feel like an extra loser for watching this much TV instead of feeling like an extra winner. Because right now I feel freaking awesome. This summer, I shall dream every night.

I've only been having scrapbook dreams, which are composed of flashes of image from everyday life: lighting a gas stove, a corroded countertop, a hand on a steering wheel, the view from my apartment. Little things that it takes me a moment to extract the next day, and then which fade away instantly because they're so insignificant. But this dream meant something, I'm pretty sure. Probably my hesitation in going to work for government.

Monday, May 11, 2009

ok, i'm going to go ahead and be a cliche, but i have such a crush on spock! YAY!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

And while the Pope owns 51% of General Motors
And the stock exchange is the only thing he's qualified to quote us
The Lord is awaiting on you all to awaken and see
By chanting the names of the Lord and you'll be free

I uploaded a couple of radio shows, and a couple of songs.

Two people in my life have made me want to believe in god: Yann Martel and George Harrison.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Let your feelings slip
But never your mask
Another near-allnighter for me. I'm not freaking out this semester. I'm trying to get it all done. If I don't, I don't know what will happen. I've got bigger fish to freak out about.

Once again, I'm only updating to update, not because I have something funny or weird to share. Well, I do, but it's not appropriate for the blog.

I haven't heard back from the dog rescues about fostering dogs for the summer. I'm disappointed by this. But I don't have time to feel disappointment. I really should get a bit of sleep before my presentation.

Monday, May 04, 2009

the funky charleston

DJ Laura and I spent the morning (evening?) in the radio booth learning the Kid 'n' Play dance. Remember that? Well, DJ L doesn't, so just in case:

we were dancing just like this.

Down the old black hole,
once for you, once for me, once for the nighttime.
Down the old black hole, arms ripped off by shooting stars.

Show in a couple of hours. No sleep till...

Want so badly to sleep, but cannot. Something to do with all the sleep I got last night, I guess. And being nervous about things. All the things that are due in the short term, and all the things I want to do to plan better for the long term.

My shoulder is killing me. My updates have been lackluster and forced lately. I'm sorry for that. Quick, someone come say something funny in front of me so I can convert it to a quote for my blog!

  • "The Old Black Hole", Fruit Bats

Friday, May 01, 2009

Thom Yorke: Here's to getting married, Space Ghost.
Space Ghost: Yeah. Let's drink until our hearts stop.

What shall I do? There are no TA positions I want. I want to stay in Austin, just a little while longer. City Hall? Speaking of city hall, is it wrong to want to get married?
  • Space Ghost, Knifin' Around


She's gotten to mysterious devotions
She's gotten to the zodiac and Zen
She's gotten into tarot cards and potions
She's laying her religion on her friends

My astrological reading, nearly half a lifetime ago, tells me that theater is my calling, and I will realize this around now in my life.

This has not yet happened.

I'm still listening to the reading, though, so I'll let you know of any other developments.

  • I am a natural traveler.
  • Family will be important to me (Being a mother will be easier than being a wife.)
  • Sugar is bad for me (I will have pronounced mood swings).
  • I get exhausted easily.
  • Love will be important to me, but never easy. Find ways to manage being attracted to people that aren't healthy for me. It's counterproductive. Make sure I'm with someone who is loving and romantic. Otherwise, just walk away, or romance will be a trial.
  • I will love to create an environment that I like to come home to. (true)
  • I should keep a dream journal (I do).

Rose's Blue, Jonie Mitchell