Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'm on a boat!

Last night I went to a pirate party on Ladybird Lake. Many, many things happened last night. I could make about 5 moderately interesting blog posts if I so chose. But I will write about the most interesting, and the least personal thing, that happened. Somebody jumped from a bridge onto the boat, while I was talking to Drafthouse Henri and sitting right next to Harry Knowles! By the time we got to the top deck, the guy had been cleared to the side, but I still caught a glimpse of his broken leg (very, very broken, I can barely think about it much less write about it). And I will focus on the fact that for 30 second, Henri and I talked about how much Fox sucks for canceling the Buffy singalongs. All thanks to Shannon!

Later we went to a bar, and I met a girl who, I think, was named Snapps. I have her email in my pocket somewhere, and I'm pretty sure it is Snapps. That's normal.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Snapps! That's a great name for a cat! Or a pony . . .
Shut up!
Wait, did the guy jump to the boat to try to gain entrance to the party? Or to be cool? "I just dropped in . . . ladies, can I get you a drink?"
OOOh, I wish I was there!