Friday, May 01, 2009


She's gotten to mysterious devotions
She's gotten to the zodiac and Zen
She's gotten into tarot cards and potions
She's laying her religion on her friends

My astrological reading, nearly half a lifetime ago, tells me that theater is my calling, and I will realize this around now in my life.

This has not yet happened.

I'm still listening to the reading, though, so I'll let you know of any other developments.

  • I am a natural traveler.
  • Family will be important to me (Being a mother will be easier than being a wife.)
  • Sugar is bad for me (I will have pronounced mood swings).
  • I get exhausted easily.
  • Love will be important to me, but never easy. Find ways to manage being attracted to people that aren't healthy for me. It's counterproductive. Make sure I'm with someone who is loving and romantic. Otherwise, just walk away, or romance will be a trial.
  • I will love to create an environment that I like to come home to. (true)
  • I should keep a dream journal (I do).

Rose's Blue, Jonie Mitchell

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