Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when good enough is the best you can

Stephen : The stairs lack risers!
Paul : What?
Stephen : The vertical part that makes the back of each stair is called a riser.
Paul : I know what they are!
Stephen : No, no, wait! Please. Sometimes when I go on stairs that don't have risers I get this feeling, this awful sensation, that's somethings going reach out and grab my ankle, like a claw or a tentacle!
Paul : This is life or death!
Stephen : It could be a hand! An ordinary hand!

Marathon sleep-day, with two papers due tomorrow. I can't get rid of the flies in my apartment. I think it started because I left some eggshells out, but now they just linger. I could quote from Pineapple Express for that one. (F*cking LINGERER, man!). I don't know if it's because the cat door is perpetually open or what, but it makes me feel like Moonbeam McSwine from Lil Abner (minus the wasp's waste). She was always followed by a swarm of flies.

  • From Dollhouse

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Anonymous said...

A Cat Door or Cat Flap gives you and your cat the freedom they deserve.