Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to mz. lkw

My radio cohost was a delight these past few months, and we kept each other very entertained in the 4 or so shows we actually did together. I wish I could capture all my favorite moments, like how she gets mad at her "anger management" hypnosis CDs ("I am a tolerant person." "I do not blow up at people." "I am in control of my emotions." to which she replies "LIES! ALL LIES!"), the way she dances or shows me how her Facebook pet dances, the other ways she exhibits her anger management issues ("I got so mad at him--I had put two unicorn stickers on his mix CD, and when he was late, I tore one of them off!"), or the way she toned down her cursing while we were in the booth because we were both so paranoid about the mic being on ("What the heck is THIS crap?" followed still by a surrepticious look at the mixing board)....

Anyway, the point is, I will miss her very much, and midnight shifts will never be the same again. And DJ L, if you want me to take any of this down, just let me know.

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