Tuesday, May 12, 2009

weird dream. my best dreams are inspired by watching too much TV right before bed, and I'm pretty sure this one was somewhat inspired by Dollhouse, which I caught up with last night. I should have caught up with work, but I did not. I took the extra six hours I bought myself to watch TV. I can't wait for the summer, when I can feel like an extra loser for watching this much TV instead of feeling like an extra winner. Because right now I feel freaking awesome. This summer, I shall dream every night.

I've only been having scrapbook dreams, which are composed of flashes of image from everyday life: lighting a gas stove, a corroded countertop, a hand on a steering wheel, the view from my apartment. Little things that it takes me a moment to extract the next day, and then which fade away instantly because they're so insignificant. But this dream meant something, I'm pretty sure. Probably my hesitation in going to work for government.

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