Thursday, June 07, 2007

IT'S STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, this, from my phone uploads:

In illustrating the 68-95-99.7 rule in statistics, my notes came out looking like an elderly gentleman in a pith helmet.

don't try to cheat the future

I've been working all week, and I'm tired, and I still somehow feel like I haven't worked enough. And then, when I came home at night, I'd remember how there was something nasty in the cabinetry.
It sounded as though a bird was trapped in my pantry, but that didn't make sense. It seemed to be knocking to get out, which was a little bit terrifying. So rather than find out what in the world could be fluttering and kicking with such strength, I just taped the door shut. True story. I'll post a picture so you believe me. Anyway, days passed, the thing was still alive and kicking (and punching). Xander and I (BC still MIA) huddled in terror and curiousity. At some point, I imagined it a hulking exoskeleton-ous crablike monster, as featured in the Buffy episode Bad Eggs, and sort of like in Aliens, also. The idea of opening the cabinet terrified me because this!

could happen to me or Xander!
Speaking of Xander, he's driving me crazy! I had no idea how much BC had to put up with, but that cat wants to play ALL THE TIME. And now he's taken to sprinting out out my front door whenever I open it.
In the end, I put some diatomaceous earth in a crack of the door, and after a prolonged and mighty struggle, I think whatever's in there is dead. But I'm going to wait till I get back to town on Monday to actually check and see. Expect an autopsy report then, if the acid blood doesn't kill me.
I'm so exhausted. I like my sleep, and that's one thing I haven't gotten this week. I can't wait for my 1.5 hour (direct!) plane ride tomorrow. Naps! Then Saturday: exoskeletons! (will become clear later)