Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In getting the pictures for this post, I found out the animated boy for the Yahoo Beta is named Liam.

I am writing to say I'm glad the new loading picture of him is this:
Because before that it was this:

And he is just fuggling the sh!t out of that thing!

I was up all night with my new computer! So pretty! But mostly, I was obsessively transferring information on a 256Mb jump drive (how frustrating that my 2 gig jump drive decides to stop working now), and then organizing the information with excrutiating detail.

Today I'm tired, but somehow have found meaningless phrases soothing and amusing. And I don't mean meaningless in a "Time heals all wounds" or some other tired palliatives I don't feel like thinking of examples of. I mean meaningless like: "Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I catch a glimpse of the brainfuggler, just fuggling the sh!t out of everything!"

You may or may not have noticed I stopped updating. There are all kinds of reasons for this. But maybe they will all be overcome by my new computer.

I got a new computer partly because I will be matriculating this Fall into a graduate school, as yet undecided which.

The only link I can find with my Brainfuggler reference (though the line above is not an exact quote) is here. NeelyComics seems to have removed itself from YouTube, or maybe it's because I'm not signed in. Anyway, the creator of the Washington, Washington video, and also Wizard People Dear Reader has several other cartoons now, and some of them are really growing on me (though I have to say, nothing can ever top Washington, Washington; these others are more like Wizard People Dear Reader, which I think of as needing a different mindset), and they are apparently at Thank you, SXSW film shorts, and Cartoon Network! Another favorite is the Professor Brothers--Office Hours.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007