Monday, February 26, 2007

i went to new orleans (while there, i couldn't decide whether to bring "our bodies, our selves" or "a pictorial history of boxing" back with me; they were about the same size, and i linked them in my head. in the end, i chose neither)
i went to seattle (it rained. the city has much water, and much good food. i watched babel. i toured the underground part of the city. i went to the butterfly garden. i listened to my sikh chanting on the plane rides.)
i am going to virginia (while there, i will accrue negative 2 days of vacation balance, and i don't even care. try to make me care, just try, and see what happens).

small things fill me with terror! but not the big ones. i have applied to a few grad schools. this should be terrifying, both the thought of getting in and the thought of not getting in. but what i fear most right now is going to the peacock lounge on thursday with people i haven't seen in years.

Girl: You went to the Wal-Mart protest? Aww! I'm so... I'm so proud of you!
[long awkward silence]
Girl: You went to make fun of the protesters, didn't you?
Boy: They were... singing.