Monday, May 24, 2010

This has been providing me with amusement for a few days. Not the whole site, just this one entry.

Friday, May 14, 2010

serious angry-cry over job situation. Want to punch something. Can't afford boxing, though.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ugh. Can bring myself to do exactly nothing right now. Somehow I managed to drag my lazy-ass cursor over to the Blogger Dashboard link, feels so proactive even just to blog! However, alternative is to just sit and ignore my Blackberry blinking at me several items on my to-do list. And god forbid I do them!'s been a while. A lot has happened, while not much has changed. Except, I'm going out with my best friend now. And I'm very happy about it. My job is ending in a couple of weeks, and I'm not happy about that. I'm going to L.A. to see my lilbro graduate at the end of the month. I'll stay for a week, which means I'll get to see a bunch of folks.

I have begun organizing weekly movie viewings and karaoke happy hours. I'm all about the free things lately, what with the partial unemployment. It feels very extravagant to do these things, but really, it's not much at all when I consider I get to see a rotating cast of about 8 friends per outing. It makes me feel popular. Hear that, 5th grade me? POPULAR!

Oh, good news is that I must have met my insurance deductible, a month before the policy expires. Hurray! Things are finally being covered. The bad news is that I already exceeded my prescription coverage, so I had to switch to a cheaper medication. One (very unlikely) side effect of which is...lactation! Oh God!

At work, I'm trying to tie up a million loose ends, and driving myself crazy with perfectionism. But I do so love the Excel and the complex array formulas! And I love finding minor errors in public agency FOIA datasets. Even when it means I have to re-do all the work I did with the faulty data.

Xander-the-cat is asleep on my bed right now, very pleased with me because we went on a walk tonight, and my BFF/boyfriend played a very enticing game of hide and seek with him.

At the grocery store today, I got fresh tortillas, and ate half of them on the ride home, with my germy grocery-store hands. Delicious!

I have been making my mom's Mother's Day gift diligently whenever I get any down-time. She already knows this, so it's OK to put this on what is her Internet Explorer home page, but they are hand-made paper gift tags with wee envelopes! I would say "I'll upload pictures of them later," but we both know that's not true. So here is an example of the shape they will be.

That gave me the idea to decorate them after I finish making them...but probably that won't happen, so don't get your hopes up, Mom!

What else?

Besides making paper, I've been doing a lot of other crafting. It started when I made a friend a sleep mask. Let me go back one step. This friend's boyfriend gave me a list of gift idea for this friend. It was a really long, extensive list, but my two favorite entries were:
  • Sleep Mask
  • Anything about Elizabeth Montgomery
I ended up fashioning a Holly Golightly sleep mask, with the sleepy eyes and everything, like here.
I don't feel like dredging up the picture I took of my final creation. It didn't look perfect by any means, but they're the kind of friends who would put a crappy ashtray out that I made out of clay.

From that description, you'd think this couple of friends likes kids. Not so. At all. I watched Zombieland with them a few weeks ago (as part of my weekly movie viewing), and there's a part where one of the characters reveals the only loss he is sad about is of his puppy. Later, while one of my friends was in the bathroom, it was revealed that the character had ACTUALLY lost his son. When my friend got back from the bathroom, her boyfriend said "Honey! Good news! It wasn't a puppy!"

Well, considering I have ceased to read most blogs because I don't have the attention span even for bite-size daily chunks, I am impressed to you who are reading this far down. Unless you're like me and you just read the beginning and the end, and skim the middle. If you are like that, you probably have been in academia too long.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

everything is going according to plan.