Thursday, August 31, 2006

culver city, you weasel!!

how hard should it be to pay a parking ticket off? not this hard, i tell you. besides, since when are parking meters in use on a saturday?

i'm reading dead famous, and hating it just as much as an actual reality show.

today i worked for 10.5 hours! then i did useful things after that like got my mail forwarded, and got the credit bureaus to stop sending my name to EVERYONE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. it was a Useful Day. i also watched the daily show, ate a wholesome dinner (topped with two wholesome peaches for desert), addressed a wedding rsvp and a postcard, read for an hour, paid off a poker debt (jazzkat, you turkey!!) and worked out for 30 minutes. how is that possible? how rad would it be if every day was like this? i don't even feel overwhelmed. and it's only just midnight.

today as i passed the pet store, though it was already dark, my heart got fluttery. my petshop boy crush has been renewed since buying cat food sunday. all the better, as my minicrush at work has gone away. where would i be without a crush? where would all that energy go? i might possibly be president by now. and good god, i know i don't want that.

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