Wednesday, August 09, 2006

something to blog about

instead of getting all worked up about global warming as i spend these 100 degree days in my car/mobile oven, i'm going to treat each degree over 99 as a personal challenge from god. i hate hot weather, but.... bring it on, big man. i need to get like a ladies fan or something.

Anyway, I'm going to be truly blogger style because I have found things on the Internet that are too wonderful not to share! The first I'll start with a story. In Albuquerque last weekend, I introduced my friends to Wizard People, Dear Reader. They enjoyed it very much, and have already sent another copy to another friend for his birthday. For those uninformed, you can download it here, at It is an alternative soundtrack for the first Harry Potter movie, and, willikers!!! I love it.

So my second link was already snagged by Lady Jane, but it seems to be done by the same guy as Wizard People, and I also like it. Washington, Washington.

And since I've only recently discovered the wonder of YouTube, here are some other important finds, for the records:

  • David Hasselhoff's video for Hooked on a Feeling. Pay close attention. There is a LOT going on in this video. And none of it makes sense.
  • Tim Curry's clip from the Worst Witch, the video for "Anything can happen on Halloween." Has anyone seen my tamborine? Ditto for above comment. A LOT is going on.
  • And my second all-time favorite Cartoon Network bumper. Solomon Grundy wants pants, too!

      Jazzkat said...

      Hooray! You found it! I have been searching for that Hasselhoff video for a long time now, in the non-committal, I'd pick it up on the street if it was there sort of way.

      Oh man...that song is going to get me through my day. (Not a minute too soon, either, because I was finally getting tired of Starship Cobra's one-hit-wonder song for SOAP)

      Carrie said...

      I am glad you enjoyed it! I was pleased to find most of the things I searched for on YouTube. Now I just need to find that OKGo video with the treadmills and the Cartoon Network bumper with Jabberjaw and DuneBuggy for my collection to be complete. Also, I might do well with a few select scenes from "Watcher in the Woods."

      I had started this post out "This isn't as exciting as a burrito, but...." but that version got lost at some point, leaving the subject line from your update about the burrito without any other reference to your winning that burrito. There was also going to be a sub-topic paragraph about burritos. All of this will go into the Annotated version of my webpage, under 'burritos, general'. This paragraph has featured the word "burrito" 6 times (including this sentence).