Sunday, August 20, 2006

such people in it

You know when you’ve been so sick to your stomach, that you develop an odd palsy in your hands? Do I even need to bother saying after sentences like that that I was like that for about 48 hours? But I did get Brave New World finished somehow. It was pretty good! And here are some choice quotes from book club (I can’t remember in all cases who said what, so they’re going to be brought to you by the first five letters of the alphabet):

A: The problem I had with John [the Savage] is he needed to grow some damn balls!
B: He shot a damn helicopter with a bow and arrow!
C: Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

A: So, I just couldn’t decide if it was good or bad
E: Wait, you mean whether that society was good or bad?
A: Yeah, cause it had some really good qualities, you know?
E: What??? You guys are CRAZY!! You’re CRAZY!
D: I don’t know. Compared to like 1984, where they killed people who were different, and didn’t have sex and drugs all the time…. I choose the future with the sex and drugs.
C: Yeah, they had sex, drugs, helicopters
B: Ooh, I forgot about the helicopters. Those are pretty dang sweet.
C: Yeah, it's like in the future, everyone's George Clooney.
E: You guys are CRAZY!
[long silence]
E: Come on, next topic. I can call you guys crazy about other stuff, too.

A: The problem I had with Linda is she needed to grow some damn balls!
E: Come on, if you were suddenly transported away from D [her husband] to a land where you HAD to have sex with a different guy every night as the moral imperative, you’re saying you wouldn’t have a serious problem with that?
D: [covers face with hands]

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