Saturday, April 18, 2009

DRAFT: take a good look

Originally written on November 2, 2006
Thought was boring, but not think is funny because I called iTunes "Jerks." and said "moneys"

ok, why won't it let me update? this was supposed to go up last night.

despite my double-youtube-updates, I'm so bored with the internet. Isn't that awful? It's not the internet's fault. I look so forward to the Marmaduke explications, but they take all of 30 seconds to catch up on weeks' worth.

So, I downloaded my first songs on iTunes. I've also been painstakingly adding my favorite CD's and cover art. I like how you can choose from the CD covers now, like your own personal jukebox. It feels like the future. And the future is filled with Kinks and Beatles albums. And now, official thanks to iTunes (except they charged me moneys for them, so NO THANKS TO ITUNES, YOU JERKS), I have "I'm not afraid of you and I will beat your ass" the newish Yo La Tengo CD (thanks to addiction to "Black Flowers"), and finally that first Darren Hanlon CD (see link at right to listen). And also, the song "Are you Sure" by Willie Nelson, because I couldn't separate it from the Tennesse Waltz in my head, but now I can: they are both sad, but "Are you Sure" is sadder because it's not a waltz. And the lyrics are also sadder. And it might possibly be a waltz, in parts.

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