Saturday, April 04, 2009

eyelash extensions

Rose is my colour and white
Pretty mouth, and green my eyes

My makeover was fantastic! I'm totally a convert to eyelash extensions. They hurt and took a long time, but look now!

Awesome! I even bought makeup to replace the makeup I had (c. 2001).

I got the new PJ Harvey and John Parish album today (it was a Spending Weekend). I don't know what I think about it, except for Cracks in the Canvas. So I'm listening to another collaboration of theirs, hoping to find clues as to what's great. I do love "Is That All There Is?" and in fact wrote down all the lyrics in my management class the other day when we were talking about 30's transitions. Is that all there is to eyelash extensions?

And now to some homework, and then to some Adventureland!

  • Angelene, PJ Harvey


Jamie said...

I wish your picture of you with eyelash extensions was more like a slide-show that showed you blinking your eyelashes, winking, opening our eyes wide in suprise . . . I wanna see some action!

Jamie said...

Wow. I really like the way P.J. harvey looks. She looks weird.

Carrie said...

She looks like a drag queen, speaking of eyelash extensions.