Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This is your left, that's your left
This is your, that's your left!
This is your right, that's your right
This is your right, you're gonna die!

Cutest conversation with Ladybird, I love her:

Me: Did you just...put a mouse on my back?
Ladybird: Maybe...
Me: You DID put a mouse on my back! Why did you do that?
Ladybird: Throw the mouse.
Me: OK, I'll throw the mouse. There it goes.
Ladybird: [fetches mouse] I got your mouse for you. Let me put it on your back...
Me: Don't put that mouse on my...!! [sigh] ...back.



Jamie said...

Awwww! She reminds me a bit of Vivienne - very sweet, a little forgetful, and so playful. Vivienne's favorite toy is a plastic laundry basket, tipped on its side. It is hours of fun, and I don't even need to throw anything.

Carrie said...

Ladybird likes the Feathertoy, and the squadron of colored mice that Rita gave her. Both things that I have to do for her. Xander's easy--he just likes a box full of recycling.