Saturday, April 18, 2009

DRAFT: crappy celebrities i irrationally enjoy, and why

Originally written: April 8, 2008
Clearly didn't finish the "any why" portion

Kristen Bell, Evangaline Lilly, Maria Bamford, Natalie Portman (what's with the pint-size ladies?). I won't go into my irrational, rabid hates, of which there are more (Keira Knightley, Mischa Barton, David Boreanaz).

Mindy Kaling. By far my favorite part of The Office (US).

Billie Piper. i like when she looks really crappy, and i like when she looks like a british brittney spears. i like when she simpers, and i like that she seems like a really nice person, and i don't question it at all.

Coleen McCoughlin.

Elisabeth Shue. we've been through this.

Jessica Simpson

Ewan McGregor. yeah, this is kind of...mid 90's of me. But still...there's the EWAN MACGREGOR game that Katy taught me and my brother. I did love Trainspotting.

Major Kira. Sooo.....maybe this is a TV character. And if I were going to choose TV characters, this list would be a whole lot longer. But also, I went to a Star Trek convention just because I loved Major Kira so much that I wanted to buy a Bajoran earring. It was a Star Trek convention featuring the actors from Voyager. Voyager. OK, I guess it could have been worse. It could have been Enterprise.


Leigh said...

Irrationally hate: Minnie Driver. I bet I don't even have to leave my name for this one...

Jamie said...

My mom irrationally hates Jane Seymour, and irrationally forgives/loves Lindsay Lohan! Why do we develop such strange affinities? I actually really want to name my first daughter EVANGELINE LILLY -INSERT-TOLERANT-HUSBAND'S-LAST-NAME. But I would rather just be her.

Leigh said...

Although, I might say that my hatred IS rational, as she is violently annoying...How could they have cast her in Good Will Hunting?