Tuesday, April 28, 2009

talking to brother on phone (shout out to best bro in the world)

Me: What's that Whitesnake song? I had it stuck in my head today.
Bro: Ummmm....Here I Go Again?
Me: Yeah! I googled "Here I go" and "hair rock" and it was like the first hit. I didn't know who it was before.
Bro: [still singing] ...on my own! Going down the only road I've ever known!
Me: Woah.
Bro: And I've made up my mi-ind, I ain't wasting no more ti-ime!
Me: Why the **** do you know all those lyrics?
Bro: [state of shock] I don't KNOW!


rena said...

"like a drifter, i was born to walk alone"
what a great song :)

Carrie said...

apparently in the original lyrics, it was not "drifter" but "hobo." perhaps the hobo community was offended? How did they express this I wonder.