Saturday, April 18, 2009

DRAFT: oh crap!

Originally written November 29, 2007
Thought implicating that there is a "not nice kind of Christian" might be offensive to some.

I'm studying, I really am! But I'm also googling someone that I think I accidentally agreed to go on a date with tomorrow.

And now I have to decide: is it worse if he likes me (and it is in fact a date?) or if he's trying to get me one-on-one to proselytize (because Google tells me he is very Christian)? In fact, I think it's much worse if he likes me. Because he looks like the nice kind of Christian. And what's worse than hurting the feelings of the nice kind of Christian?

Grr! I have nothing to distract myself from unpleasant things. I only have a finite number of things to do:
  1. worry about this date.
  2. worry about this exam.
  3. study for this exam (while worrying about the date and exam).
  4. clean the apartment (living in squalor of those months)
  5. listen to Low and cry all night!
  6. eat more fish sticks
  7. eat more cheese sticks
  8. read the books i bought as presents and thereby have to buy new presents.

Wait, my list is improving with every step! Soon it will tell me I have the option to listen to Gillian Welch till the sun rises! Oh, but it is also telling me I have the option to fail statistics unnecessarily, and it's only optional if I complete item 3.


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