Saturday, April 18, 2009

DRAFT: Perfect Day

Originally written April 5, 2009

Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else
Someone good

Believe it or not, I am doing some work between updates. I'm hungry with nothing but goat's milk in the house. Ooh, and popcorn!

The cats and I lie on the bed, talking, and not talking. We can not talk for hours.

Today's date was nice.

Have updated yet more photos of Russia, but now I'm out of space on Flickr for the month.

Have some popcorn to pop.

  • Perfect Day, Lou Reed

1 comment:

Ellen said...

When I read "Today's date was nice," I started thinking "What's so special about 4/5/09?" And then I felt like a dork.