Thursday, February 09, 2006

wide awake 3am

Since I'm awake, I've backdated a bunch of dreams into my dream journal (right). I do update about dreams a lot. It's a good thing I got this dream journal so that people who really hate dreams don't have to read them, and also so I won't feel bad about writing down dreams even I think are boring.

I've slept so much today. Even at work, I felt like I was asleep with my eyes closed. Foggybrain and all that.

Why can't Xander manage his new food pellets? They are much smaller than the old food, but he should still manage to keep them in his mouth better than he's doing. He keeps dropping them onto the floor and then giving them long, wistful looks, like "There they go..."

He's being very sweet to me tonight, though. He's been lying next to me for hours, just watching what I write. He loves the mouse cursor, and he loves when I type words quickly. He watches the point where they appear on the screen for a while, and then looks up at me. I don't know what the look says--it's either "Are you WATCHING this? It's amazing!" or it says "Are you doing that?" I really can't tell what he's thinking. I am not a cat psychic.

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