Sunday, February 12, 2006

mystery radio

Explaining that the sky holds the wind
The sun rushes in
And a child with a shotgun can shoot down
Honeybees that sting
But this boy could use a little sting.

Two things I keep forgetting to update, so I'll just do them now, though completely unrelated.

1--at book club last weekend, the hosts had just moved into a new apartment. It was a neat apartment. But the best part was that it was old, and had one of those intercom-speakers built into the wall. They got one radio station on it, but they didn't know who controlled it or anything. They would just turn on channel 4 (channels 1-3 were just static) and be surprised by whatever was playing. So we listened to it all during book club, and it was the strangest mix ever. We wondered if it was just some dude in apartment 104, say, DJ'ing 24/7 for the whole complex. There were never commercials.

2--My brother stayed with two branches of one family while he was here in Austin. The mainstay was Jack and Betsy, and the secondary home was Jenny, Jack first wife. Willie got something in the mail from Betsy, and when Dad asked what it was, Willie said it was something from his "second mom." Dad said "Betsy?" and Willie said "Yeah" then said something about his "third mom." Dad was confused for a minute, then:
Dad: Oh, you mean Sis?
Willie: Uh, no? I mean Jenny---Sis? Would be my sister?

  • "By the Skin of My Country Yellow Teeth", Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah


ginny said...

That radio station sounds like when people receive things on the metal plates in their heads. Which makes me think of Daniel Pinkwater. Today Dakota totally made me understand something about affection by jumping up to my chair and standing behind me with his paws on my shoulders and his nose on my head. This comment just goes to show you that a) cats know more than we think they do and b) radio waves are mysterious in nature.

Anonymous said...

Is that the actual day of your dream?

Carrie said...

Yes. We'll know how the wall-radio truly works once it starts playing Jingle Bells loud and clear.

Dakota's such a sweety, with his big ol eyes! Cats can express lots with just their eyes, and their nose. I just heard yesterday that you can tell a cat "I love you" by closing your eyes, and then opening them slowly again.

Carrie said...

what dream do you mean, anonymous?

TB said...

Did J and S move out of their apt?

TB said...

also, I love posts from anonymous! I like to imagine they're famous people

Carrie said...

yep, J and S are the proud new owners of one creepy devil's box. Or mystery wall-radio. Whatever you want to call it. Their place is covered with Basquiat prints, and they haven't found a spot for the chairs-on-the-ceiling yet, so maybe I'll get to see that next book club (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter).

Yes, I responded to "Anonymous," but what I MEANT was "Mr. Jason Dohring, {wink wink}".

And to answer the question on dreams, if I have time in the morning (and also when I don't) I will type the dreams as quickly as I can into Dreamjournal, hence the frequent typos and weirdnesses (aside from the typical dream weirdness). But I've only had the journal since January, and the dreams over the past five years were culled from my previous webjounal's entries, whenever I mentioned a dream I had. Those usually were written the day after the dream, if not the morning of. When I was going back and doing them, the New Orleans dream from June was the creepiest in retrospect. My mom pointed it out to me.

TB said...

Jason, if you're reading this, CALL ME. I love you.