Sunday, February 12, 2006

man walks down the street--it's a street in a strange world.

So, I just watched the rest of Veronica Mars, season 1. So far, I'm not feeling so good about this weekend. TV addiction is like any other addiction, and when you're coming off your high, it feels really awful.

Anyway, speaking of addictions, one thing I did today was take pictures of everything I could find that I bought since the holidays. I have made a slideshow, here. It's horrible! It's shocking! I need to never buy another thing for my whole life! This only shows things I bought for myself. I've also bought other people stuff, and of course bought food and cat litter things like that, which is not shown. I was taking the pictures to try to teach myself a lesson, but I got a bizarre satisfaction out of seeing all the things in a group together. This is a problem. I'm cutting up my credit card tomorrow. I guess that means I'll physically have to go into a bank to get money to buy things, but so be it. Sooo, anyway, plans to buy a condo are put into the distant future.

Tonight, as I ventured outside of my house, I felt so completely alienated in the city at large. I went to warm familiar places, like an ice cream shop, and a video store, and a coffee shop, but I saw no one I knew. I had a nice conversation at the video store with the people because they were playing "Watcher in the Woods," which you may know is one of my favorite movies (it changed and touched us all!). There are things I like about Austin, but is it worth it to stay in a city just because of the great hours of its video stores? I feel I might as well move to Canberra or something. At least then I could say "I live in Canberra." Saying "I live in Texas" has lost luster. I don't find this stuff amusing anymore.


K said...

What ice cream store??? Amy's?

Carrie said...

yeah, it was the only thing still open. I was also hoping to win more Crush'ns, because amongst my addictions is now listed "winning Crush'ns at Amys." But they didn't have a quote for me to guess.

PG said...

Do you know anyone who's actually addicted to work? Or to volunteering? I bet that's the tiny minority that doesn't feel badly about indulging their addictions. I don't think I know many people like that; I suppose my dad might be addicted to work or at least to money-making endeavors, but even if he is guilt-free about this, his family isn't totally happy about it.