Saturday, February 04, 2006

Xander did something cute

I told mom that Xander did something cute, and she said "No doubt." It really struck me as funny, his little face. Basically, I clumsily scared away some birds he was stalking and he looked up at me all injured and indignant, and if he could talk he would have said "Mo-ommmm!!!"

I told mom about my rad dream, and she told me her hilarious one. So I updated both together, on my dreamjournal. Because my rad dream isn't that interesting, except that I stood up for myself in a situation that in the past has been a life-consuming problem. But that's not interesting either.

If I read for 5 hours at top speed, I might finish my book club book in time for book club. I think it's going to be one that I can't skip the last few chapters, or the rest of the book will make no sense. So, I really should get going on that.


PG said...

Have you seen the show "Drawn Together"? They have a Xandir. Oh, the avoidance of copyright infringement.

Carrie said...

Is that show good? I haven't seen it. I don't think Buffy copyrighted the name Xander, though I don't see how the names Buffy and Xander will have any other associations for anyone for a long time. Unless someone's like really obsessed with the movie The Phantom (and Xander Drax). Maybe I'll rename Xander "Xander Drax," and if anyone ever asks me if it's from The Phantom, I'll just say "No, what's that?"