Monday, February 27, 2006

the girl with the cacchinatory laugh, the girl with the arab strap:

I found out that babies can hiccup. WHEN THEY ARE INSIDE OF YOU! (if you are a girl) (if you are a boy and a baby is inside of you, the baby is probably dead, and you are probably psycho). This gives me the creeps. Is it not supposed to? Am I supposed to be maternal and "aaawwww" about fetus having the hiccups? Because I so am not.

I like curling. Because I like people trying to explain it. Because after a lot of thought and effort, they always come up, almost word for word, with this description: "Well, they slide this... thing.... and then.... they sweep sweep sweep sweep sweep real hard. Then, I don't know."

It's offical: it takes 45 minutes to walk to work. 45 minutes and significant amounts of skin from my heel if I don't wear good socks. Yes, the bike tire was flat.

Is it wrong to find the laugh of every individual in a department annoying? I always feel bad finding people's laughs annoying, but you know? SOMETIMES THEY ARE ANNOYING, AND THEY SHOULD WORK ON HAVING FUN IN A WAY MORE CONVENIENT TO ME!

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