Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Could you make me forget about?

I updated my S C A T T E R B R A I N website for those of you needing new music. If you didn't get the password, just email me or something.

I'm thinking of having a show about forgetting and remembering. Any suggestions for songs I could play on such a show?

I'm so exhausted today from subbing a 5am show. I need to sleep because I'm seeing Wilco tomorrow night.

I talk a lot about music.
  • "Forget About" Sibylle Baier


Katie said...

The Night You Can't Remember by the Magnetic Fields :)


Remembering Marie A. by David Bowie (from a Brecht poem)

rena said...

I like Music, and I haven't listened to your show yet, but would Alison Krauss be appropriate? She sings a great song called "Forget About It"? What about Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time"? Is this the wrong format? Sorry.. :-/

Carrie said...

Great suggestions, both! Sirena, I love both of those songs, but can't play anything 'mainstream,' and both of those count as that. And obviously I can't play the David Bowie either, Katia. But I may go try to find those songs to listen to on my own now.