Friday, October 09, 2009

illyria, again, but better

Oh distance has no way
of making love

Wilco was awesome! Wow. Great concert. They even played my theme song of late.

Had a really productive day. I love days like that. Boxing, brownies, underarms waxed, oil changed, inspection done, water donated, crafts returned, etc. etc. 15 steps, then the Wilco concert.

I think I want to do a little introduction to each of the blogs I list on the sidebar. Or rather, to the people that do them, and how I know them. And it might be things I haven't told them before. Or something.

Anyway, remind me of that if I haven't done it in a few days. I have a packed few days coming up. Well, few weeks, really. And I'm working on a Halloween costume that will be aMAZing. So I hope it comes out OK because I've built it up more than a bit.

Here's what I'm up to:
Friday: work, boxing, friend's hypnosis show and/or yoga, radio show
Saturday: lunch with C M &M, karaoke birthday party (oh, and buying present for them sometime)
Sunday: Accordion festival (all day, San Antonio), apply to graduate in December
Monday: work, walk with MJ, Music Monday at the Alamo Ritz (indie videos), problem set due
Tuesday: class, doctor's appointment, boxing
Wednesday: work, dinner with E, problem set due
Thursday: class, doctor's appointment (I'll get ice blue contacts hopefully!), boxing, C and M coffee at my place
Friday: work, spa appointment (it's spa week!), radio show

And things always come up. It actually seems quite doable written out like this. But when will I model the river basin systems?? That question remains.
  • "Radio Cure" Wilco

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