Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gloves vote

UPDATE: Looks like the vote is for glove 2, by 4 to 0. I was kind of surprised. But I think it's the right choice. I wish I hadn't wasted the $40 on rope, but maybe I can salvage it for crafting or something. In the meantime, it's much easier to make glove 2, and I think I can make it look even better than it does with some fabric paint. Sewing the stripes in is kind of satisfying.

Here are some shots with the two different gloves I just made. I went ahead and attached some of the elements. The pelvis needs a lot of work. And also? Note to self: lay off the cookie dough.

glove 2 on the ground

glove 2 on my arm to give it some shape. It's just pinned on as of now, so it's hard to visualize how it would look sewn on tighter. This is the method I mentioned before, sort of quilting lame on it to give it some 3d effects.
Glove 1 looks pretty good, I think, but...
...the back is kind of a mess, and I'm not sure how to keep the ends of the ropes from fraying. Right now, it's hot glue, but I need to cut them flat and straight. I could sew them by hand, or maybe use FrayCheck. I remember that stuff from my sewing class in 7th grade!
Makeup half on, and new hair extensions I got at Sally's today. Still waiting on the real hair extensions. have gotten spray-on, just in case.
full frontal
Glove 1 side
Glove 2 side. Note to self: why do I look even too severe for Illyria? I wasn't even trying that hard!


Leigh said...

Glove 2! I don't know who you're trying to be though. I know, big loser, me.

Anonymous said...

I like Glove 1 better.
It's funny - when I google image "Illyria full body", most of what comes up are fan costumes.
- Spike, aka JK