Monday, October 19, 2009

Dead Luck

Dead Luck blog is by my friend Matt, who is my DM and my friend's husband. I think I first met him at an office Christmas party at Green Pastures, when he introduced himself as a writer and reached into his lapel for a card that he didn't have after all. Dead Luck is his novel, and I have read it in an early version, and I think he's going to be very successful one day. The last blog entry he left, over a year ago, was about how a story of his, an offshoot of the novel, was published in a zine. I highly recommend you read the story if you are into SF/fantasy at all.

One day, I mentioned soccer to him, and he joined my team. Weeks, incidentally, before I quit the team. Eventually he tore his ACL, for which I take full credit for having gotten him to join the team. On the first drive to soccer practice, I mentioned I was looking for a SNES version of Shadowrun, by sheer chance. This is how I eventually got an invite for the D&D game that he's the DM of.

If I may make a suggestion, dear reader, always have a D&D game run by a novelist. The story and characters are fantastically creative and riveting. I look forward to these games like crazy, and very little trumps a 6 hours game of D&D at Matt's, even with my busy schedule.

Matt has an insane amount of knowledge and trivia in his head. He and his wife are some of the nicest, normalest weirdos I know, and I adore them. Also, he likes Tori Amos. random, but true.

By day, he is a software developer of some sort (Ruby?).

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