Monday, October 19, 2009

pieces I have so far

Here are the boobs. I might do them over now that I've figured some stuff out (like that a narrow zig zag stitch makes for a flatter curved seam with vinyl), but they're pretty decent as of now.

Here is the right shoulder. I haven't sewn the silver on yet because I might spray paint it purple. But I have to wait till I've cut out, glued to fabric, and sewn all the metallic parts because I have to use the "purple pearl" spray fabric paint all at once when I open it. LAME!

left shoulder. This is when I discovered that hems-where-possible really makes the suit look much nicer. And there's a lot of assymetry in this costume. I felt really proud to figure out how to make the shoulder shoulder-shaped. I think it was even more complicated than making the boobs boob-shaped.

Pelvis. The middle part really should be a little redder than the rest, for some reason. For that matter, everything should be a little redder and less brown. But I have to have something to build to later.

Right leg (left leg is the same). Again, silver parts unspraypainted as yet, so they're not actually attached. I think it looks like of cool, even just the silvery. Like an astronaut-superhero.

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