Sunday, October 18, 2009

more costume tips and ideas

For the wrapping the rope around the arms to make the gloves, my friends suggested I make a mannequin of myself. How, you ask? It's brilliant! You wrap a garbage bag around what you want to model, and then you just wrap and wrap and wrap duct tape around it. Then you can stuff the husk with plastic bags or paper mache! Seriously genius.

Also, she suggested checking the ecology department at UT because the fashion design department throws out a bunch of mannequins every once in a while. Thanks for the tips, J! Will post pics after I attempt the arm-mold tomorrow afternoon.(picture updated October 19, 2009)

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Jesssica with 3 S's said...

This blog is great. You're too cool for your own good.
I hope you have stellar halloween plans to match the quality and effort of this costume.