Monday, October 19, 2009

illyria screenshots

Here are some of the best and most helpful screenshots I have gleened from my day of watching the last half of season 5 of Angel.

Her chestplate has a weird cross pattern, a random patch of which has been replaced by the silvery-blue stuff.

Her right side shoulder has had a part of the red armor replaced by the shimmery stuff.

Note that the arm-plates don't wrap all the way around.

The left shoulder is fully armor (no shimmery stuff)

The butt will be tricky. It may attach to the pelvis piece from the front.

Most people seem to have guessed on the back in their costumes. There is a lace-up bit, and it definitely looks like there's a zipper up the middle.

The legs. Lots of random shimmery.

The feet/boots that I said I'd update about. There's some bellbottoms going on here. Bellbottoms and clogs. It's like Illyria is at at disco from the knee down.

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