Wednesday, October 14, 2009

long update

I felt like I was bursting with stories today, but now that I'm stuck waiting for AAA to come jump start my car, I am sitting here wondering what I was going to say.

First off, the costume is coming along pretty well, but it's very expensive!

Secondly, I went to the Highball last night. It is the new bowling alley/dance bar that the Alamo Drafthouse folks opened up on South Lamar. They used the old laneboards from New Orleans's Rock n Bowl, so it looks homey and old-fashioned, but also very swank. I got a "Highball Old Fashioned," which at first tasted like cough syrup (it was cherry-infused bourbon) but then tasted like cognac, so I enjoyed it by the end.

There were 4 of us. One got drunk and was very funny. We convinced him to:
1) incubate a growing mermaid in his mouth by telling him she would grant him wishes
2) lick the bar table.

He really went overboard on item 2. HIJINKS!

A load of exciting stuff has happened this week, but not all of it can I talk about. I can't even check my phone to remember what all I've been up to, since I clearly can't rely on my memory. I can't check my phone because that particular battery in my life is ALSO dead (along with the car's). All I really wanted to do is go home and work on my costume, but I'm stuck at the office with no one to talk to, waiting for the tow truck. Lame!

I have moved all my entries over to another blog, but I'm undecided as to whether to switch over to it just yet or not. I wouldn't have much control over the look of the blog, not that I do a whole lot with this blog's style.

"MF stands for motherfucker!" My Jane-Austen-loving coworker, explaining unneccesarily her earlier use of a euphemism.

I got my first exam back. Considering how little time I'm devoting to the class, and considering it involves multivariable calculus, I'm doing pretty well. I still might take it pass/fail. I don't need the pressure of knowing an A- will pull down my GPA right in the final stretch here!

OK, this is kinda cool. I've been making postcards for friends lately, and here is one that came out pretty well for as little time as I spent on it. Obviously, it is of Illyria, my costume. It helped that I know the pattern pieces by heart now, even if I had to cut them out at 1/10,000 scale.

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