Sunday, October 25, 2009

how I'm doing the marbleized part of the vinyl

So there's this design that's on part of her armor that's really hard to recreate. The closest I could get was at my friend Mahe's. She had some fabric crayons, and I just kind of scribbled with them. This is what it's supposed to look like:

This is me working on it:

Oh, and I did the lines with a sharpie. It seems to have worked really well. Also, you can see in this picture part of the dummy I made of myself, which made lining up the pieces to draw the thick black line on a lot easier. It will also make doing the back easier, I think. My friend had to help with the upper back, but other than that, I could do most of it myself. We stuffed it with newspapers and plastic bags. Recycling!

I'll get a closeup shot of how it looks soon, but you actually can click on the pic of me working and get an idea of how good it looks. I think it looks pretty good, though not perfect. But it's better than the paint pens I got. The other method I considered was blending acrylics and painting on there, but I think it would take more artistic talent than I have to get the pattern just right that way. This is just a shortcut, but I hope the effect is the same.

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Karam said...

you are so pretty!