Thursday, September 03, 2009

sleep study results

I officially fall asleep fast enough and consistently enough to be called "extremely tired," or some such non-clinical sounding term. I have twice the dreams that you do, too! And I don't move, not once, all night. Even with 50 electrodes pasted to my head. So, long story short, I'm being treated for narcolepsy.

I saw the Fruit Bats last night with A. A and I tried to separate out the real vampires from the fangbangers, and also identify what A and J labeled the "try-hards" when they were in college. I love the concept of a "try-hard"! Tired today, more so than usual, but it was worth it. Also, boxing was worth dragging myself to tonight because awesome things transpired. This weekend has filled up nicely, with yoga+pizza kicking things off tomorrow at 6. Don't forget to tune in at 1am tomorrow night to (or search kvrx on your college radio stations on iTunes).

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