Monday, September 14, 2009

Hold on, hold on, keep holding on to me
I will love you from the bottom
No one holds you better than me.

The party went swimmingly. Special thanks to my mom and dad for helping me give it. There are pictures on Facebook. I also had an extra special show Friday, and a few people called in told me how much they liked the set. Today, my toes are still numb from wearing the crazy shoes. I went to yoga, and we did these funny squats, and he kept saying, "You should really be feeling this in your toes." I smiled smugly and held the pose longest of anyone. Been ridiculously productive at work, despite shooting pains in my shoulder. Yoga teacher helped with that, though yoga itself made my back hurt (again, I am falling apart).

Anyway, it is now officially my birthday, and I feel blessed by some higher power at the moment. Good family, good friends, good cats, good city, good ice cream, new phone, computer possibly not broken, subscription to the Economist, cards to open, new Twilight T-shirt and trading cards, a fridge full of wine. And a giant problem set to finish tonight. Sigh.

Despite that, it is The Best Birthday Evar.

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