Friday, September 25, 2009

All the hopes that you've been holding onto for so long
And the fires you've been chasing down now are all gone
I can tell you are a long way from the one you love
Ohh the night it takes so long to fall

Tonight is my yoga/dinner/movie/radio show combination. Do you know I can't type the word "radio" without actually typing "radioh" and backspacing? That comes of writing about Radiohead too damn much.

Census tract codes really will be the death of me. And/or my boss's computer which has frozen up for the 15th time trying to load the data I need.

Am a bit tired today, even though I only went to 2 of the 4 bars on the agenda last night.

But it's a glorious day--perfect temperature. I got to wear boots and my blue velvet jacket. OK, so I look a little like Austin Powers in it. So what? He was cool back in 1997.

Have been taking a lot of people-pictures lately. They're on Facebook mostly, of course. Because of the faces in them.

"Egads! My tooth!" (this is a random reference to 1996. Not even the people there would remember it. Don't feel like explaining. It's not that funny.)

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