Thursday, September 10, 2009

omg lol this update! is so girly!

This is kind of about you
And this is kind of about me
But one day, we'll float
Take life as it comes

Party plans are finally coming together. I think there will be many people there, which is exciting and terrifying to think of. I'm listening to the songlist (because of course I'm playing DJ; or, iTunes is, with my careful supervision), and it's starting my day off right.

I went on a shopping spree yesterday (well, for me). I got (brand new, not thrift shop): two pairs of shoes (4 inch heals...STUPID!), 2 dresses, and a shirt. At Strut, a place I've been hearing about, and indeed, it is adorable, and relatively reasonably priced for a boutique type shop.

Hey boy won't you take me out tonight
I'm not afraid of all the reasons that we shouldn't try


rena said...

you are so funny - i have to check out strut when i come back!

Tabby said...

PJ Harvey is great. Just added to my pandora stations. =)

Happy early b-day, Carrie. Your party will be lovely, I'm sure. And you'll look great in those killer heels.