Tuesday, September 01, 2009

i hate this post

And if some day your dreams are leaving you
I'll still believe in you

First day of class, for me anyway. Sigh. I kind of like the working world. But I think I'll like this semester's schedule (assuming I get my stupidity fixed--got dropped from my class for not paying tuition on time): 1 class UT, 1 class ACC (also up in the air), 1 hour radio, 4.5 hours boxing, 2 hours yoga, 30 hours work.

Margaritas were had last night, with A and J, J who is moving here next month. Neither of them are drinkers, and I got there early, so I was mostly at the bar drinking alone, which is awesome. It was also my old place of work, so bonus if anyone recognized me. I only recognized one person, about whom I once had a dream that he saved children in his free time, a la Superman.

  • "Tomorrow is Today" Billy Joel


Leigh said...

Oh the margarita! If you have a baby you should name her that and a boy, Chuy. Yep, I have spoken. I'm so tired!!! I'm on my second week of school. I hope your schedule works out.

K said...

I'm so jealous of your workout schedule!