Saturday, March 14, 2009

Petersburg, 2

Today, went to Pushkin and the Idiot, two of my favorite places. But we didn't walk around the grounds at Pushkin, which is what I like about it. Instead we looked at two boring-ass palaces. I've seen enough palaces for a lifetime. I was very angry about this, even though I got a few good shots of the snow-covered grounds from the palace. FYI, the weather is somehow perfect even in winter.

But it is nearly spring.

At the Idiot, we were with Ricardo, Ana, Edward, Christine, and Michael. We were low-key and sober, though Christine and I split a bottle of champagne.

Also, today, we went and bought our train tickets, which was really taxing my Russian skills. But I managed, and feel very proud. Everyone was very nice to me after. It means no hotel that night, and we get back to Sergeev Posad pretty easily. Christine and I paid extra for a ladies wagon.

Then we went to the hotel's Sky Bar, which had a lovely view. Michael informed me that there was a fire in a trashcan outside the hotel, but didn't seem overly concerned about it, as he mentioned it halfway through a conversation. Once again, the conversation veered towards gossip, about which people we did and didn't like, and the latest reasons for said sentiments. Drama! Like you wouldn't believe! Email me for more details. I'll send you the canned version.

Tomorrow the Hermitage. Last night a very, very low-key evening with just me and Christine and Edward, talking about gymnastics, as he knew a lot about it, as he is on the UT team. He also has translated at a bunch of competitions (he is half Brazilian and half Thai) and has met most of the famous girls.

My one contactless eye (still scratched from India) keeps drooping, and I look a bit like Thom Yorke. That is my signal to go to bed. It is nearly midnight.

I can't wait to be asleep. It is my favorite.

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