Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moscow, 3 and 4

Yesterday, despite the previous bachanalian night, nearly everyone was up for the 9am speakers we had on the current business climate in Russia. Some were interesting, some were not so interesting. I asked two questions, and managed to prevent ALL the blood from rushing to my face as I asked them.

In the afternoon, we did something I can't remember, and then Christine and I walked down Arbat (both new and old). Old was clearly superior (walking down New Arbat was like being inside a casino), and we had the nice experience of having very helpful folks give us directions. I also had the experience of getting that melted-candy-bar-like hot chocolate.

When we got back, it was about time to go to the ballet. The Bolshoi Ballet! To see Don Quixote! Only! I was sick! (sore throat that I arrived with) and tired (always), and left after the first act with Nihar (MBA). I got a good night's sleep for once. But felt bad about missing most of the ballet. I gave my ticket to an old lady, so at least someone enjoyed the ticket. Maya's dad had bought everyone those tickets! Which was amazingly generous of him. He bought tickets, transportation, and security for a hockey game for half the group tonight. And some of the rest of us he's taking out to dinner. AND he set up a business lunch with some vice presidents of BP in Russia for some of our practicum groups.

There's some high drama going on amongst some of the ladies of this group. That along with the irresponsible drinking makes me feel about 17 (or really, 14, and my first trip to Russia). Such silliness. Such silliness. What a rogue! Silence!

I feel like I'm already messing up some of this entry. Like, I think Christine and I did Arbat the day before yesterday, and then did the entire length of Tverskaya yesterday, looking for me a Russian-like coat (mine stands out too much for my taste, though it keeps me nice and warm). A black fur-collared thing would be perfect, and there are so many skidki (sales), I surely can find one, right?

The point is, even though I feel like I don't have as much in common with many of the MBAs as I hoped, I have a group of people who will be my BFFs on this trip--Maya, Christine, Michael, and maybe even Ana, who I don't know well enough. I'm looking forward to meeting Maya's generous dad at dinner tonight. And her stepmom and sister.

Tomorrow night we take the overnight train to St. Petersburg. I can't wait to be back there.


alexis said...

ah, i'm so jealous!! but so sorry you're sick :-( no fun. will groups always make us revert to 14? i get this sad sense that they really might ... the nightmare that was HS holds on. ah well -- at least you've found a nice small group of kindred souls -- they'll keep you sane, remind you that it's really NOT 1995 anymore! :-)

Carrie said...

well, i'm going out with the group tonight, so we'll see if i really revert myself. or just resent others for doing so and having a good time.